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BizSync, a full-fledged out of the box, highly customizable ERP application which enables your organization to provide state of the art control over all your business needs like procurement, manufacturing, inventory, finance, purchase, sales etc. among many others.

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Improve efficiency and workflow in revenue cycle and technology operations with services that impact cost management and cash optimization for hospitals and other large health care organizations. It also includes complete solutions for pharmacy and pathology

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Empower the real estate business with opening all horizons of managemnent aspects, starting from manpower to raw material, project detailing to sales with full fledged enterprise Edifice


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Enterprise application

Our Equinox team is involved in rendering wide range of IT and R&D services. We offer high quality services that match the expectations of our customers. Best possible solutions keeping in mind the clients' strategic business interests and risks involved. Highly reliable, effective and can be implemented as per the specifications provided by the clients, with many others we are specialized in:
Hospitality & Tourism Management Pharmaceutical Retailing Consumer products Retailing Small & Mid Scale Manufacturing Micro Financials

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Our Equinox Management Consulting(EMC) helps to provide the best possible support to our clients through our unique spectrum of management consulting services given below:
1. Enterprise Architecture Consulting
2. Cloud Services
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Equinox Web

The Web Designing Wing of equinox - A team of highly talented professionals dedicatedly focused to over-satisfy all your www needs equipped with latest cutting edge technologies and out of the box ideas. Along with many others we provide the following web solutions:
1. Web Design & Development
2. Web Maintenence & Hosting
3. Branding Solutions
4. Web Marketing & Promotions
5. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Core Technology Stack

Fueling with most durable and secure technology backbone, the Java, along with numerous tried and tested foundations like JSF, ZK, Spring, EJB, Hibernate etc. it is ensured that each and every aspect of the business, independent of its complexity, gets the best possible solution

The Revolution

In order to synchronize the human & technology evolution, we evolve in many niche fusions like hybrid db ,which uses best of both conventional RDBMS and BigData world to optimize performance, cost, durability and ease of use.

MEAN framework, the really mean beast in web

AngularJS + Bootstrap + Groovy + Grails + Spring + MongoDB
Fluidic like oceans, Scalable like sky, Durable like earth, Fast like lightning. The mutant in the world of enterprise technology

The Factors

Like the software world, where the non-functional requirements are the pseudo strengths, we do possess some pseudo fundamentals

  • The Foundation
  • The Team
  • Integrity of Morale


What we do. How we do.

Equinox Microsystems offers IT consulting, out of the box software solutions and custom software development services. We follow and encourage software engineering principles that add value not only to our internal project delivery team, but also have a direct impact on the value proposition that we offer to our clients. We believe in close collaborative working models with our clients, focus on delivering quality software that has passed through the rigor of our well-engineered QA process. Our delivery process is centered around a distributed model that automates the build, test and release cycles using some of the latest technologies.Our priority number one is to make sure that we deliver the highest quality solutions, adopting a cost-optimized delivery model and strive towards becoming long-term, value-adding, strategic solution outsourcing partner to our customers. We are proud of our team of skilled & motivated software engineers, who are carefully hand-picked & meticulously groomed using our rich knowledge sharing system and engineering process.

Enterprise solutions, for ALL To succeed in today's environment, business organizations need to go through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational excellence and enable collaboration across enterprise functions, develop higher quality leadership and talent, and manage amidst constant change. Equinox Microsystems comprises a set of committed team members sharing a common objective to deliver leading-edge technology enabled solutions operating in the core business segments of Healthcare, Retail, Academic, Hospitality & Tourism and Manufacturing .Our team brings state-of-the-art technology that adds value to customers through a combination of multiple high-end technologies for complete solutions.

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